Free shipping and no sales tax: Art in the age of COVID-19!

Since the world turned upside down in March I haven’t been sitting on my artistic laurels!

I have been in my studio working on various paintings and am continuing to work on new pieces all of the time. As I won’t be able to introduce them to you in quite the normal way over the coming summer months (all of my art shows over summer are now canceled July through September). I thought I would take this opportunity to reach out and introduce you to some of my new pieces in the comfort of your own home ….

I have also incorporated an exciting new “Wall Space” gallery into my website which shows examples of some of my work in various homes; new pieces will be added over time. If something catches your eye in my new collection please contact me for more details.

There are, as always, many more new paintings available in the various galleries – all of which were painted for the now defunct upcoming summer show season:

If you haven’t visited your favorite galleries in a while, please feel free to take a look – you never know if one of my pieces which you haven’t seen before might be exactly what you have been looking for to complete your home! I would also be happy to email higher quality images of any painting in which you are interested.

As I am saving the travel costs of attending the art shows in the Northeast this summer, I am happy to offer free shipping and, if I am shipping outside of the state of Florida, there is no sales tax!

As you will know from visiting me at the art shows, I carry a collection of smaller, matted, unframed pastel and mixed media pieces which I would also be happy to photograph and email to you for you to consider, if you are looking for something specific; these pieces are matted with an external dimension of 18” x 19”.

Please contact me for further details on sizing and pricing or for more information on specific paintings.

I hope that we meet again soon in a more normal world but, in the meantime, I am keeping busy working on new paintings and commission pieces and will send more images in a few weeks so that we can continue to stay in touch over the summer.

I hope that you are all staying safe, sane and healthy!

Best Regards,


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