The “Sold” versus “Private Collection” question…

Horizon Series 4

Horizon Series 4

Over the past few months several of my clients have asked for prices of works on my website that I have marked as ‘Private Collection’.

It has become obvious to me that many clients are confused by that terminology; which suggests to me that the use of the term, instead of simply saying ‘Sold’, is perhaps jargon more familiar to artists and galleries.

So, in the spirit of responding to client feedback and making my website more client friendly, I am changing all of my paintings marked ‘Private Collection’ on my website to ‘Sold’ to avoid confusion.

Hopefully this should clarify the position for my clients and avoid disappointment when I have to explain that a specific piece has already found a new home!

… just my view and I hope this helps if you are having a similar experience!

Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

Jennifer Gardner, PSA

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